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Mediation Services for Resolving Conflict

Couples Mediation

Couples can get into patterns of conflict that may seem difficult to overcome, and that impact their daily life. In mediation, couples learn communication skills that can greatly enhance their relationship and support them to work through any issues with a feeling of collaboration rather than competition. Many couples in mediation have found a renewed sense of closeness, ease and happiness in their relationship.

Parent and Teen Mediation

Parents and teens often find that their relationship is no longer how it was during childhood. Even when the care and love is there, knowing how to communicate can be challenging. In mediation, parents and teens get to know each other more deeply, understand and acknowledge where each are coming from and find solutions that feel good to everyone. Many parents and teens in mediation have been very satisfied with the process and results, happy to reduce the tension and increase the understanding, communication and collaboration.

Estranged Family Members Mediation

Sometimes family members choose to take time apart because their conflicts seem insurmountable and too stressful. This alienation from each other can be painful and disappointing. Mediation allows these family members to explore what happened to lead to this divide, and more importantly, what they can do to repair the relationship and move forward together in peace.

Group Mediation

Any group in conflict has the opportunity to learn more about themselves, individually and as a group, through the mediation process. They can develop more understanding of each other, find common ground, and make decisions that enhance communication and interactions, leading to more ease with focusing on the task at hand rather than allowing the conflict to be in the way.

Workplace Mediation

Relationships between co-workers can make all the difference in one's experience of going to work each day. Colleagues and co-workers in conflict can be living with a lot of pent up frustration and stress, not knowing how to safely express what they're feeling or get their needs met. Mediation allows co-workers and colleagues to really talk through their concerns, patterns, desires and goals, reach mutual understanding, validate each person's role, and develop mutual agreements for the workplace environment.

Vicki Assegued, M.A. has a Master’s Degree in Restorative Justice & Conflict Resolution and has been developing and directing programs & trainings for the past 20 years. Her engaging trainings are interactive, informative and impactful. Training participants will learn to effectively and skillfully facilitate these processes to bring about successful outcomes.

Please contact Vicki to schedule your upcoming trainings at:

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